We serve our guests with typical Andalusian style dishes in a pleasant, unique ambiance

La Nueva Malagueña restaurant delights its guests with a variety of dishes that represent traditional cooking of southern Spain. These dishes include exquisite meat dishes, as well as fresh fish we daily receive from our nation’s coasts. Our Menu list privides our guests with an extensive variety of appetizers, meals, salads and snacks. All our dishes are prepared in a traditional manner, with passion, and by using select ingredients. Naturally, we provide our guests with an extensive wine list which contains a variety of fine national and international wines.

Among our specialties, you may enjoy at La Nueva Malagueña restaurant, are the following ones:

- Salmorejo Cordobés (cold served cream made of tomatoes, bread, garlic, and olive oil)
- Prawns with garlic
- Flamenquín (breaded pork roll stuffed with Serrano ham)
- Oxtail
- Loin heads of Iberian pork in pepper sauce
- Loin heads of Iberian pork in Roquefort cheese sauce
- Grilled pork cutlet Córdoba style
- Golden bream Serrana style
- Sea-pike (hake) with cardoons and clams
- Fish plate with choice of deep fried fish